Here is a list of the coffees that we sell at the shop and that we are able to mail out to you.

All of our coffees are freshly roasted everyday by Mr Martyn in the shop . The coffee comes in beans, but if you would like them ground we can grind them to your requirements.

To order please telephone 02088835642 between Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm or email us at [email protected] with your name, address, contact telephone number, and your order (if you would like coffee please advise how you would like it for example in beans or ground for a cafeteria).  We will accept credit card, debit card and direct payment to our bank account.  Please DO NOT send payment details in your email, we will take these over the phone once we confirm your order

Delivery : We send out our mail orders via Essell Couriers, they aim to deliver to your home address within 1-2 days. All orders over £25.00 receive free postage, all other deliveries are £5.00 plus VAT.

Thank you.


Breakfast Blend (Medium)
A light roasted coffee in the American style providing a fragrant drink, which is ideal as an all day coffee for those who do not like strong coffee.
Colombia (Medium)
This coffee has a medium to full body, a rich bouquet and a pleasant acidity. Known as Medellin (Excelso); a softer and more acidic grade grown in the Cordillera at a height of about 1600m.
Continental Roast (Strong)
This is a high roasted coffee where the oils are present on the beans. In fact, the dark roast increases the bitterness and the strength of the final drink. While this coffee - a mixture of Colombia, Santos and Uganda Screen 18 Robusta roast - can be called various names, it is traditionally known as Continental.
Costa Rica (Medium)
As a coffee, Costa Rica is rich, mellow and full-bodied with good acidity from Cental America, it's sources will vary due to it's supply at a specific time of year e.g. La Minta, Re Orosi Don Fellow and Tres Rios. This coffee is always strictly hard bean (SHB) which means it is grown over 1500m.
Using Colombian coffee as a base for decaffeination means that we have a good all round coffee with a mellow taste. Decaffeination reduces the content of caffeine from 1 gram per cup to 0.001 grams.
House Blend (Medium)
A Quality blend of South American and African coffees, each has excellent qualities in it's own right, but when blended produce a smooth tasting brew with slight acidity and a lot of body. As this blend is medium roasted it is excellent as an all day coffee.
Kenya (Strong)
As a coffee it is rich, mellow and full bodied with good acidity. This coffee is noted for it's light cup with high acidity. In fact Kenya is a connoisseur's delight combining excellent flavour with a delicate sweetness. Our Kenyan coffee comes from estates such as Gethumwini and Nyeri in the highlands of Kenya.
Mocha (Strong)
This is a smooth flavoured well matured coffee with a fine winey (often called gamey) character. This coffee is from the western highlands of East Africa and grows at a height of 1200m. Mocha is the original source of coffee centred on Kaffa - hence the name of coffee.
Mysore (Mild)
It was in 1600 that a Muslim pilgrim brought seeds back to India and planted them in the mountains of Mysore. These coffees are noted for their smooth mild brew and a delicate flavour but having good body. The characteristics of Mysore allow it to blend well with Mocha coffee.
Santos (Mild)
From Brazil, this coffee is America's favourite, considered an all day cup of coffee, Santos has a special individual flavour and is smooth, full bodied with a little bitterness or acidity. The name Santos comes from the main port from which it is shipped.
Special Roasted Espresso (Medium)
This coffee is a combination of three estate arabica coffees from Central America, this is the smoothest espresso coffee that you would care to drink. A must for the espresso connoisseur.