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Angela's Handmade Chocolate Bars & Jams

Food has always played a major role in Angela Corbo’s life, since her father is a retired professional chef. His culinary influence, combined with annual family trips to southern Italy, left a strong impression on her that would manifest itself years later.

Now the Angela’s Handmade business she runs since 2008 makes chocolates, cakes, jams and preserves that are a little taste of Italy in N2. She had the idea for the business when she was transferred to Tesco’s cake department after six years as a bilingual secretary. Handling thousands of mass-produced Christmas puddings motivated her to set up her own business when she was looking for part-time work after having children. Angela makes her own puddings at home every year and they taste much better. “I was sure mine would be better than the mass produced ones,” she remembers. They certainly seemed to have earned the attention of the upper crust. A few years ago, one of her creations was carried in to Christmas dinner in an episode of Downton Abbey.

Over time, the Angela’s Handmade range, sold exclusively at W Martyn in Muswell Hill, has expanded to include Italian treats inspired by her heritage, such as panforte, biscotti and ricciarelli. Demand is high for these delightful desserts, particularly around Christmas and Easter, when the recipes are adapted to showcase festive spices, making them perfect gifts. Her entire range is made from 100% natural ingredients, where possible.

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