Luxury Christmas Festive Hamper




contains the following :

Tiptree Black Cherry 340 £2.10
Tiptree Tawny Marmalade 454g £2.20
Cottage Delight Old English Chutney with Cider 310g £2.45
Cottage Delight Wholegrain Mustard 190g £2.35
W. Martyn Christmas Tea 125g £2.25
W. Martyn Christmas Coffee 125g £2.15
Teoni’s Cinnamon Biscuits £2.50
W. Martyn Xmas Pud 450g £7.95
W. Martyn Ass. Chocolates 165g £7.95
W. Martyn Cranberry Sauce 225g £2.50
W. Martyn Brandy Butter £3.50
Cottage Delight Cheese Palmiers 150g £2.95
Cottage Delight Brandy Mince Pies £4.75
Heatherslaw Iced Christmas Cake £5.95
W. Martyn Clotted Cream Shortbread 200g £2.95
W. Martyn Truffles 165g £7.95
Cottage Delight Dundee Cake £4.45
Vivian’s Devonshire Honey 227g £3.25
Grate Britain Stilton Biscuits £2.95
Nougat Limar £1.40
Box & Packaging £5.50
Total : £80.00
(*Contents may vary from time of ordering)