Speciality Coffee

Here is a list of the coffees that we sell at the shop and that we are able to mail out to you.

All of our coffees are freshly roasted everyday by Mr Martyn in the shop . The coffee comes in beans, but if you would like them ground we can grind them to your requirements.

To order please telephone 02088835642 between Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm or email us at [email protected] with your name, address, contact telephone number, and your order (if you would like coffee please advise how you would like it for example in beans or ground for a cafeteria).  We will accept credit card, debit card and direct payment to our bank account.  Please DO NOT send payment details in your email, we will take these over the phone once we confirm your order

Delivery : We send out our mail orders via Essell Couriers, they aim to deliver to your home address within 1-2 days, or they can deliver to a local parcelshop within 2-4 days. All orders over £25.00 receive free postage, all other deliveries are just £5.00 plus VAT.

Thank you.

Australian Skybury Estate (Mild)
Put a bit of kangaroo in your life! Try this smooth, full bodied mild coffee which will suit all tastes. This estate is in Queensland - not far from the Great Barrier Reef, in fact it is in the middle of tropical forests.
Cuban (Medium)
Introducing you to a smooth and rich coffee which has a clean taste, medium body and sweet acidity. The brand name for Cuban coffee is Turquina, and was originally grown on the Sierra Maestra. There are three main growing regions and the crop is picked in January and February.
Dominican Republic (Mild)
'Barahona Paraiso' from Alessandro Rodriguez is in the South of Dominica. As the country is rather wet most of this selected coffee is artificially dried, which does not diminish it's smooth and mild taste in any way. This coffee is grown and processed according to ecological guidelines. Paraiso is grown at an elevation of 600m-700m above sea level.
An organic and fair-trade coffee, full of body with slight fruitiness.
Java (Strong)
Java is known for it's smooth and heavy character with an almost syrupy richness and is suitable for blending with other coffees. Also known as Sumatra Ling Tong, it derives it's name from the bluish green tinge to the beans. The bean is grown in the north of the island at the southern end of Lake Toba. (near Sidikaslang in the Aceh Province) at a height of 1300m.
Mexican (Mild)
A coffee which has a light to medium body with a delicate 'nutty' aroma and a crisp finish
Mocha Sidamo
From Ethiopia this deep spice-chocolate like taste coffee has a floral aroma with a bright crisp acidity.
Monsoon Malabar
Produced in the Indian monsoon winds, This medium roast coffee has good body with reduced acidity.
Nicaraguan (Mild)
This coffee is considered to be a good breakfast coffee with mild flavour and low acidity.
Sumatran (Strong)
This coffee is heavy bodied and spicy responding well to a darker roast. Our Sumatra is Fair-trade and Organic and is grown on a co-operative. This is shade grown coffee i.e. pesticides and fertilisers are not used.
This is a typical African coffee which has more body and less acidity than that of its neighbour Kenya and is ideal as a full roast all day coffee. The coffee plantations at Makuru are situated in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Yemeni Matari
'The mother of all coffees' probably all arabica coffees in the world derive from Yemen dating back to the 6th century. The small round bean has been organically grown for 200 years and the plant is grown on high terraces up to 3000 metres. Matari is a locally produced variation of the main arabica varieties grown - Bourbon and Typica. Finally the flavour is rich and has an exceptionally mild fragrant taste whilst having a very strong aroma.