Here is a list of the tea that we currently sell and are able to send out to you.

To order please telephone 02088835642 between Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm or email us at [email protected] with your name, address, contact telephone number, and your order (if you would like coffee please advise how you would like it for example in beans or ground for a cafeteria).  We will accept credit card, debit card and direct payment to our bank account.  Please DO NOT send payment details in your email, we will take these over the phone once we confirm your order

Delivery : We send out our mail orders via Essell Couriers, they aim to deliver to your home address within 1-2 days, or they can deliver to a local parcelshop within 2-4 days. All orders over £25.00 receive free postage, all other deliveries are just £5.00 plus VAT. 

Thank you. 


Assam (India)
A strong Indian tea noted for it's full bodied rich malty flavour
125g of Loose Tea £2.3580 Tea Bags £3.45
Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
High grown Ceylon tea which is noted for it's strength and full flavour. Serve with milk or lemon any time of day.
125g of Loose Tea £2.3580 Tea Bags £3.45
Ceylon Silver Tip (Sri Lanka)
This special grade tea is grown in Sri Lanka. It is a long wirey leaf and has a smooth flavoursome liquor.
125g of Loose Tea £5.60
China Sencha Green Tea (China)
This is a mild green tea which is very low in caffeine. Best drunk without milk.
125g of Loose Tea £2.60
Darjeeling (India)
This is a large leaf tea from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This tea has a delicate muscatel flavour, considered as the finest of Indian teas.
125g of Loose Tea £2.9580 Tea Bags £3.95
Decaffeinated (Sri Lanka)
Predominately from Sri Lanka, this tea is a blend of Orange Pekoes, processed in Switzerland to reduce caffeine to less than 1%.
125g of Loose Tea £4.95
Earl Grey (China)
A blended dark leaf tea, originally blended in China and brought to England in 1830 by the second Earl Grey. This tea is delicately scented with oil of bergamot.
125g of Loose Tea £2.3580 Tea Bags £3.60
English Breakfast (Africa /India/Sri Lanka)
A full bodied blend of African, Indian, and Ceylon teas. This is a rich flavoured liquor that can be enjoyed all day but particularly in the morning.
125g of Loose Tea £2.3580 Tea Bags £3.45
First Flush Darjeeling (Indian)
This tea is produced from the first leaves and buds (First Flush) of the new season in early April. The leaves are lightly fermented producing a delicate infusion, full of flavour.
125g of Loose Tea £7.95
Formosa Oolong (Taiwan)
A semi fermented tea with a large ragged leaf which produces a light liquor with a peachy after taste, also low in caffiene.
125g of Loose Tea £2.95
Gunpowder (China)
The leaves of this tea are rolled into tight pellets, it has a sharp taste and is excellent after a spicy meal.
125g of Loose Tea £2.3580 Tea Bags £3.60
Jasmine (Eastern China)
A choice delicately scented tea with an exotic jasmine blossom producing a fragrant pale liquor with a subtle flavour, best drunk without milk.
125g of Loose Tea £2.3580 Tea Bags £3.60
Keemun (China)
A China black tea providing a drink that offers a sweetish earthy flavour, typically enjoyed without milk or sugar.
125g of Loose Tea £2.35
A black tea with a full-bodied liquor and suffused with flavour.
125g of Loose Tea £2.60
Lapsang Souchong (China)
A large black leaf producing a rich syrupy liquor with a pleasantly 'smoky' flavour making the perfect complement to oriental cuisine, serve without milk.
125g of Loose Tea £2.6080 Tea Bags £3.60
Orange Pekoe (Sri Lanka)
A specially selected blend of fine Ceylons providing a satisfying and refreshing drink, may be enjoyed at any time of the day, with or without milk.
125g of Loose Tea £2.60
Pai Mu Tan (China)
White tea with a mild smooth flavour which is low in caffeine, best drunk without milk.
125g of Loose Tea £4.35
Rose Congou
A scented Congue tea, produced by impregnating a China Black tea with the natural scent and oils of fresh roses.
125g of Loose Tea £2.50
Produced from a South African shrub, this tea has a refreshing taste and is caffeine free.
125g of Loose Tea £2.60
Russian Caravan (China)
A traditional blend of china large leaf teas, this is syrupy in flavour with a distinct aroma.
125g Loose Tea £2.60
Spiced Chai
A popular infusion - milk and sugar can be added to achieve the ultimate taste and sensation!
125g of Loose Tea £2.60
A China tea with sweet almond flavour
125g Loose Tea £2.70
Apple & Cinnamon
A China tea with apple and cinnamon flavouring
125g Loose Tea £2.70
A black China tea with a sweet mango essence
125g Loose Tea £2.70
Passion Fruit
A black china tea flavoured with sweet passion fruit flavouring.
125g Loose Tea £2.70
Summer Tea
A China tea with passion fruit, mango, and papaya flavouring, also with marigold flowers, rose cuts, thistle flowers, mallow flowers and cornflowers.
125g Loose Tea £2.70
A China tea with vanilla flavouring.
125g Loose Tea £2.70
A wonderful aromatic China tea with orange peels, cloves, almonds, hibiscus flowers, cornflowers, sunflowers, almond, walnut & cinnamon flavouring.
125g Loose Tea £2.70
Camomile Flowers
This is a mild caffeine free drink, made from a dried blossom.
50g Loose Tea £1.95
Egyptian Mint125g Loose Tea £1.00
Peppermint Herb
This tea has a pure refreshing menthol like character.
125g Loose Tea £1.05
Blood Orange125g Loose Tea £3.25
Kiwi & Strawberry 125g Loose Tea £3.25
Passion Fruit & Orange125g Loose Tea £3.25
W.Martyn Tea Caddy £6.25